The Numbers Don’t Lie (Video)

The Numbers Don’t Lie (Video)

We’re pretty proud of having helped process 1 billion units on 3 continents, with 24×7 production. But that’s just the start.

Watch the video to see why these metrics are so important to anyone who is considering using print on demand automation software – and why we’re most proud of the number 300,000.


I was doing a 2023 year in review with the team last week and across our sites the numbers are pretty interesting. Across last year, we processed over a billion units of production that was all generated from sites on three different continents. Our biggest site, they ran up to three orders per second during their peak days, but those numbers aren’t the ones that grabbed me the most because all that work that we did was created from 10,000 different SKUs that had over 300,000 different product workflow combinations. And all of those combinations then led to 22 million orders being shipped. So my key reflection really was that there’s a lot of complexity there, but what we do is that we manage all of that complexity and convert it into simplicity for all of our sites and we give them command and control that is highly trackable in order for them to be able to work more efficiently. So I thought it was useful to reflect on the three golden principles that we use to drive all that we do. Principle one is that everything is a business rule, two, every process stage is visible, three, every action is accountable. And our view is that if you apply those principles, you lay the foundation to reduce your costs and maximize your profits. So there’s a lot of detail inside of that philosophy. If you’re interested in those principles and how we apply them at different sites, then reach out, give me a yell or go to, there’s a heap of content in our blog and yeah, you’ll find there’s a whole raft of interest information to support there. So that’s it for this week, go well.

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is the CEO of ZenSmart, a leading workflow automation platform that streamlines manufacturing in On Demand plants across the world.


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