The heart of automation is the ability to seamlessly fit into your existing software and hardware investments. ZenSmart has a rich set of integrations and integration toolkit to fit within any site.

Order integrations

From Etsy to Taopix, Printbox to MediaClip; Orderdesk to Printify and many well known consumer brands, ZenSmart has a library of existing order integrations. For other order sources, the richly documented ZenSmart pushAPI enables rapid integration of other order sources.

RIP integrations

ZenSmart has an extensive library of RIP integrations including Caldera, EFI Fiery, Wasatch Softrip, Epson Pro RIP, Canon Prisma, Onyx Thrive, HP Smartstream, ColorGATE, Imaging Solutions fastprint / VSP and many more. Each integration includes a high level of automation including error handling, submission retry and rich logging, limited only by the RIP itself.

Press integrations

ZenSmart has a large library of press integrations ready to go that range from DTG and Die Sublimation presses through  to Wide Format, Sheet and Web fed digital presses.  From Canon Prostream to the many HP Indigo SRA3 and B2 presses, Ricoh 9000, Imaging Solutions, Kornit, Sawgrass, Brother and Epson presses – all are natively supported via JDF or Hotfolder integration. These integrations are meticulously designed to enhance and maximize press productivity, ensuring efficient and high-quality printing solutions.

Smart, sensor and optical machine integrations

Manufacturers are rapidly evolving finishing device capability and many now offer API or XML integrations in addition to the well proven optical marks used by Tecnau, Horizon and others.  ZenSmart supports a very large list of these machines from Zund to EMT, Kolbus to Imaging Solutions and GP2. Additionally ZenSmart also has a rich IoT framework that enables smart sensors to be implemented – we highly recommend temperature and humidity sensors to be incorporated to take batch insight to the next level.

Make older machines smart

Often there is a long list of machines spread across the plant that have no integration option. ZenSmart is well suited to this environment with a range of options to use low cost Raspberry Pi’s or Windows devices with fixed or handheld scanners to bring intelligence and monitoring to these machines. From slitters to guillotines, collators to routers, removing the black holes of visibility is easily achieved and low cost.

Shipping integrations

Over 40 freight and courier integrations are available as well as shipping platforms from Infoship to ShipCaddy. All of these shipping integrations are available to make use of the ZenSmart reverse auction and least cost algorithms to support reducing freight charges.

ERP and inventory integrations

ZenSmart’s rich integration framework enables almost any ERP or Inventory solution to be directly integrated. From Netsuite to Epicor, data can be real time pushed into the ERP enabling Bill of Materials to update consumption levels and real time cost data to be injected into the ERP.

Custom Workflows and Integrations

ZenSmart’s custom scripting and full service engineering team allows for more flexibility and a rich set of outcomes to be created.  From integrating with homegrown systems for order ingestion to custom and bespoke finishing equipment or local logistics/courier providers, there is a solution for providing a fully integrated solution.

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