We are ZenSmart.
We create amazing workflow automation results for digital printers. We deliver "big" efficiency gains plus exacting control of your production. The net result is major savings plantwide... and life made a whole lot easier.

Manufacture more, at lower cost, with greater control.

Factory Four, Agile Manufacturing, Factory Automation, Workflow Automation and Print Automation – you can put many labels on what we do.

But regardless of the label, ZenSmart.ai is a platform that enables a digital manufacturer to do more work, faster, at a lower cost. It's as simple as that.

And it's easy to get started, because ZenSmart is a modular, open workflow automation system that can integrate with your existing investments. Any MIS, press, RIP or smart machine can be connected into a seamless automated whole.


Automated efficient workflow

Whether it be getting more press capacity; profitably handling smaller batch sizes; driving out waste or reducing staff - factory automation delivers many benefits.

What is different about ZenSmart, is that it is a flexible business rules based approach to efficiency. With its intuitive drag and drop user interfaces it enables custom workflows to be created. From order to logistics, ZenSmart focuses on every touchpoint in the business to remove inefficiency (and find opportunity), wherever it may be.

Imagine truly agile manufacturing

Every business is different - different presses, RIPS, finishing equipment and different software systems.

ZenSmart is designed to bring intelligent workflow and factory automation into exactly this sort of situation. And because we have grown up in the most complex of manufacturing situations (think tens of thousands of products and product combinations with strict SLA’s), flexibility is designed into the very DNA of the ZenSmart automation system.

Imagine being able to take a file from receipt straight through to the press based on your least cost business rules, all while juggling different levels of customer priority and inline producing all the batch and job sheets, barcodes and instructions to speed the order through finishing. Imagine jobs automatically processing on your finishing equipment with no staff intervention, all while collecting cost data - keeping track of every sheet used, every unit quality failed and then intelligently shipping the output based on smart shipping algorithms that make sure you are packing and shipping in the most cost effective way.


What is ZenSmart?

ZenSmart is a software platform made up of a series of flexible components that can be individually selected to meet the unique needs of your business.

And where you have very specific requirements, our extensive experience in integrating equipment from HP, Ricoh, Epson, Canon, Fuji, Fiery, Kolbus, Horizon, Technau and various smart packing machinery, we will build interfaces to any connectable smart machine or isolated software platform and join it into a fully automated agile manufacturing solution.

Why is ZenSmart different?

ZenSmart is configurable and it's your system. It has a series of drag and drop designers that you use to design and modify workflows, change business rules and how you ship your products.


A modular system

ZenSmart is built into 8 Centres and you only select the parts that you need in your business. That means the right level of investment is easy to find. And because ZenSmart is multi brand, multi channel aware - it’s possible to deploy in the way that fits your business best.


Get started now

ZenSmart is ready to go now. A smart and flexible automation solution ready to connect the components of your business in new and innovative ways.

From order to final shipping, ZenSmart will transform how your business performs.

Reach out and let's talk about your unique requirements and what makes you different.

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