Fully integrated print on demand automation

ZenSmart is designed to wholly automate production from getting the file to shipping the order, and every stage in between. It will integrate with any machine, any software, any existing investment to align with what’s needed to maximise your profits.

order management interface for multiple sources in print ondemand

Smart order processing and queuing

Use any of the 20+ order source integrations or the ZenSmart PushAPI to get the orders and apply fully automated order correction and processing of orders into your production queues.

Fully automated imposition and printing

Smart queuing and batching optimally submits work to fully automated Imposition to your least cost business rules. Automate your batches directly onto the press enabling big reductions in pre-press and press room costs.

custom print on demand imposition designer tool zensmart
product workflow definition designer for print on demand by zensmart

Automate every plant workflow

Create and automate any workflow. Assign Staff, Process and Station ID’s to provide total control and tracking of every item in production. Update other systems, automate messaging of order status.

Simple Apps to process the work

Easy to use Apps provide all the tools staff need to process orders. Staff even have their own personal ZenSmart homepage and can see personal and business performance targets.

zensmart barcode scan and verification tools for print ondemand
zensmart production management and preventative maintenance for print ondemand

Integrate every machine into a workflow

Integrate smart and optically driven machines into workflow. Implement manual or mounted scanners to provide order visibility for ‘dumb’ machines. Implement startup, running and shutdown maintenance sequences to enhance machine performance and availability.

Track materials and understand costs

Use the Bill of Materials system to tightly manage materials consumption. Integrated fail and wastage level reporting enable insight by Product Code, Product Group (and even customer) to provide unparalleled insight into what are the cost (and margin) drivers of your business.

zensmart custom analytics and reporting for print on demand
zensmart dispatch designer for custom logistics solutions

Smart least cost shipping

Implement powerful shipping rules to ensure product is shipped at least cost to shipping SLA’s. Implement pre-dispatch capability with upstream monitoring for potential shipping combination and both a dynamic look up and reverse auction ship selection capability.

Build culture & create accountability

Implement team dashboards that provide real time performance feedback. From orders remaining to achieve SLA to real time fail and wastage stats. It’s a combination that can completely change a team culture.

zensmart tv dashboard for print on demand analytics
zensmart dashboard capabilities

Achieve unprecedented insight

Create reports and dashboards that provide insight into what is working well, what is not and where dwell and waste are building in your business.It’s a powerful tool, created to make you a more powerful, higher performance business.

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