Benefits of Queuing and Batching in Print-On-Demand

Benefits of Queuing and Batching in Print-On-Demand

Here’s a top productivity tip: queue, batch and keep everything together as far down the workflow as possible.

In print-on-demand, a big productivity jump occurs when moving from single-product production to batch-oriented manufacturing.

Then there’s another productivity jump: When queuing and batching rules are optimized for the best balance between cost and SLA performance.

But isn’t the queuing and batching strategy just about optimizing print production?

Yes, that’s definitely one of its goals. But there’s another benefit, too: optimizing the finishing workflow.

You see, one of the key goals of queuing and batching strategy is this: How far down the finishing workflow can you get a batch before it splits from long-run-optimized batch-oriented manufacturing into single-order production?

Get your answer, and you’ll have taken your production to the next level.

Top tip:

  • Even though this seems like contrary advice, it’s not – sometimes it makes sense to queue and batch items in batches you might think are sub-size.
  • This enables you to keep a nice neat collection of more like-oriented items together deeper down workflow.
  • Those items continue to be made in bulk
  • As a result, keeping all of those items in a nice neat grouping gives you a much better operational cost.

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Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is the CEO of ZenSmart, a leading workflow automation platform that streamlines manufacturing in On Demand plants across the world.



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