What you Measure Matters (Video)

What you Measure Matters (Video)

Years ago, I worked in digital marketing growing our POD business. So what do you think this has to do with agile manufacturing and improving workflow automation?

It’s simple, really. What you measure matters.

In this video, I share my story of what I learned about measuring profit in the right way and how this led to one of the core tenets of the work we do now.

I’m determined to make sure that businesses that create beautiful, one-off products for consumers can outperform in their profit result.

Watch the video and then, when you’re ready to improve the way you do on-demand manufacturing, let’s have a chat.


What can manufacturing learn from marketing? It’s all about figuring out your profit in real time. Allow me to explain. Long before I launched ZenSmart I worked in digital marketing and print on the band and as digital matured the campaign quantity exploded and the customer base was cut into finer and finer slices but we lost sight of something really important. The focus became so intent on acquisition the brand’s lost sight of the end goal. Amidst those increasingly intense acquisition offers and price really becoming the message no one was asking what the customer lifetime value was and whether the acquisition was profitable and a lot of it wasn’t. Now relating that back to manufacturing one of my key areas of focus is on making sure the customers know whether they’re getting the required rate of return on their products because when you’re investing in workflow automation one of the outcomes must be whether one your brands to your product groups three your product skews and for your geographies are all performing profitably. If you don’t know whether you are then you’re running your business on the average rather than seeing your range as a product portfolio to be managed to pick profit. The end of the day maximizing profit is about the ability to finesse cost a good sold and price to maximize your yield and that all starts with having the information available to drive insight. I hope you’ve got something from this perspective please keep following me saving my posts and engaging in the comments if you found them to be of value to you.

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is the CEO of ZenSmart, a leading workflow automation platform that streamlines manufacturing in On Demand plants across the world.



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