Viesus: Revolutionizing Image Quality in Automated Printing

Viesus: Revolutionizing Image Quality in Automated Printing


In the dynamic world of print-on-demand and customized manufacturing, where fine margins and repeat order rates dictate success, image quality is a critical factor. This brings us to Viesus by Imaging Solutions, one of the engines of automated image enhancement.

What is Viesus?

Viesus isn’t just a color correction tool; it’s a comprehensive image enhancement solution. Designed to handle everything from red-eye reduction to intricate color adjustments, Viesus processes images through a set of pre-configured business rules, ensuring the output is significantly enhanced compared to the original input.

The Problem Viesus Solves

In automated print on demand workflow, the challenge is to achieve consistently high-quality output – often regardless of the quality of the input! Traditional methods often yield varying results, depending on the original image’s quality. Viesus addresses this inconsistency head-on, ensuring each image is automatically optimized to meet stringent quality standards, following intricate pre-defined logic that can differ from brand to brand, order to order or even image to image.

ZenSmart’s Integration with Viesus

ZenSmart has seamlessly integrated Viesus into its workflow, exemplifying how technology can elevate image processing. Images entering the ZenSmart system are evaluated and, if business logic triggers it, sent through Viesus for automated enhancement. This integration is tailored to the specific needs of different brands with each brand maintaining its own set of colour configurations or falling back to a default – allowing for a unique tonality and ensuring brand consistency where required but not necessitating it.

Advantages of Using Viesus and ZenSmart Together

The synergy between ZenSmart and Viesus brings numerous advantages for print on demand:

  1. Consistent Quality: Every image processed is enhanced to meet high standards, ensuring a uniform level of quality across all prints.
  2. Brand Specific Customization: ZenSmart’s integration allows for brand-specific adjustments, giving each client a unique visual output.
  3. Fully Automated Workflow: From image reception to printing, the process can be automated, reducing human intervention and speeding up the production cycle.

From a business model perspective it drives a number of important outcomes:

  1. Repeat business: With most brands only breaking even on the first order (or worse), achieving a repeat sale is critical to brand business models. Satisfaction directly drives the probability of repeat orders
  2. Trust rating: Consumers have never had more power through social sharing and ratings on the various trust platforms. Managing poor quality photography is an investment in a better star rating.


Viesus, especially when integrated with ZenSmart, isn’t just a tool – it’s an important solution for any business seeking to excel in print quality and improve business model performance. It ensures that every image not only meets but exceeds the expected quality standards, providing a significant edge in a competitive print on demand marketplace.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re intrigued by the potential of Viesus in tandem with ZenSmart and how it can revolutionize your print quality, visit us at for more insights and information.

Sammy Brent

Sammy Brent is the CIO of ZenSmart, a leading workflow automation platform that streamlines manufacturing in On Demand plants across the world.



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