Unlocking the Mystery Behind Quality Fails: ZenSmart’s Linked Scans Approach

Unlocking the Mystery Behind Quality Fails: ZenSmart’s Linked Scans Approach


Recently, a prospective client shared a common dilemma in print on demand production – pinpointing the real cause behind quality fails. Their existing system only highlighted the scan before the fail event and the Supervisor who approved the reprint, neither of whom were actually responsible for the error. 

This conversation shed light on a critical aspect of quality control and inspired this deep dive into how ZenSmart’s ‘linked scans’ feature innovatively addresses this challenge.

The Limitation of Traditional QA Fail Tracking

In many print on demand production systems, understanding the root cause of a quality fail is like solving a puzzle with missing pieces. Systems typically flag the last scan or the Supervisor handling the reprint, leading to a skewed view of responsibility. This method lacks depth, often obscuring the true origin of the error and leading managers to make bad decisions.

ZenSmart’s Linked Scans: A Deeper Insight

ZenSmart tackles this issue with its linked scans feature:

  • Targeted Error Assignment: Instead of generically blaming the last scan or the reprint Supervisor, ZenSmart links each QA Fail Reason to specific production stages. For instance, a cutting error linking back to the actual Cut event.
  • Accurate Responsibility Tracking: This approach ensures that responsibility is accurately assigned to the operator or machine at the source of the error, like linking gluing mistakes to the actual gluing station and operator.
  • Time-Specific Error Identification: ZenSmart also tracks when the original error happened. This precision helps in identifying patterns, such as frequent errors during certain shifts, providing actionable insights for management.

Beyond Surface-Level Analysis

ZenSmart’s method offers a comprehensive view of the production process:

  • Detailed Cause Analysis: By diving into the specifics of each error, including the station, machine, and operator, ZenSmart facilitates informed and effective troubleshooting.
  • Data-Driven Production Insights: The system’s ability to aggregate data based on fails by time, station, and machine equips Managers with the intelligence to optimize their operations.

Advantages Over Conventional Methods

While standard practices often point to the most recent scan as the culprit, ZenSmart’s nuanced approach with linked scans allows for a more refined understanding of QA fail causes. This capability is crucial for Managers seeking to enhance quality control and operational efficiency in print on demand operations.

ZenSmart’s innovative approach to tracking and analyzing quality fails, particularly through linked scans, marks a real step forward in addressing one of the most persistent challenges in print production. This feature not only clarifies accountability but also paves the way for smarter, data-driven decision-making and driving down your print on demand production costs.

Exploring ZenSmart’s QA Fail Analysis

For those intrigued by how ZenSmart can refine your approach to quality control and enhance overall print production efficiency, visit zensmart.ai to explore this feature and more.

Sammy Brent

Sammy Brent is the CIO of ZenSmart, a leading workflow automation platform that streamlines manufacturing in On Demand plants across the world.



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