Logistics rate shopping

Logistics rate shopping

Still trying to find a bargain by rate shopping? Let ZenSmart do the hard work for you.

Rate shopping isn’t about trawling malls for the best deals; it’s about finding the best shipping rate for a given package.

When you have a shipment to send, you know its size, weight, destination, and how fast it needs to get there. What you don’t have yet is the best courier for the job

With rate shopping, you take this information and get quotes from multiple providers.

The aim? Pin down the most efficient and cost-effective option in advance, then simply consign with that provider.

How do you do it?

With rate shopping, instead of accepting a single provider’s shipping costs outright, you’re essentially throwing down a challenge to multiple couriers, turning every shipment into a real time competitive auction.

What does ZenSmart do?

The platform understands the nuances of each shipment, automatically eliciting quotes from all your configured logistics providers. And it doesn’t just stop at collecting quotes. ZenSmart auto-selects the most economical one that meets your shipment criteria, generates the consignment, and then handles all the nitty-gritty details, from printing labels to creating daily manifests and customs documentation. 

You get flexibility, cost efficiency and dynamic adaptability.

What’s not to love?

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is the CEO of ZenSmart, a leading workflow automation platform that streamlines manufacturing in On Demand plants across the world.



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