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We’re workflow automation specialists​.

We’ve been creating factory sized custom manufacturing solutions for years. In factories making everything from clothing to keyrings, mugs to wall art and hundreds of other products – we have created beautifully streamlined workflow automation for businesses from big to small.

And now we’re making a ZenSmart version directly integrated with Etsy.

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Integrations to create beautiful workflow

Grow a calm, efficient business

Reduce costs with streamlined processes – ZenSmart helps you automate tasks like order management, inventory tracking, staff supervision, work in progress, quality management, shipping and more.

Automated order processing

Automate order processing to reduce stress and save time – ZenSmart helps you take back control of your business, so you can focus on what matters.

Control your inventory

With a Bill of Materials defined for each product, your inventory levels will be carefully managed. Pick raw materials and gain control of your inventory.

The power of the barcode

Eliminate manual labor tracking – enjoy a streamlined workflow that boosts efficiency and makes it easy to manage orders, shipping, and payments.

See all your WIP in one place

Eliminate stress. Get clarity of work in progress by filtering on different fields, pause orders for customer engagement, review items not moving through production fast enough.

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