ZenSmart Digital Print

Build your short run batch capability right down to a single unit with ZenSmart.

Outperform your competition by achieving peak efficiency and 100% automating onto the press.

Boost profits by integrating with order sources ranging from OrderDesk to Web2Print, Shopify,WooCommerce and many more.

Implement industry best practice in managing work from order to shipping all with perfect visibility to cost and margin.

Get started with a free 60 day trial and find out how your business performance can be transformed.

Perfect for:

  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Cards
  • Invitations
  • Tyvek
  • Magazines
  • Pamphlets
  • Flyers
  • Security Prints
  • Catalogues
  • Reports
  • Tickets
  • Vouchers
  • Envelopes

...and so much more!

Since 2014, ZenSmart has been trusted by the world’s premiere print on demand fulfilment houses

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Digital Print Workflow Automation Solved with ZenSmart

In Digital Print, shrinking run lengths and rising material costs are the new normal, further compounded by labor shortages. 

This challenging mix requires manufacturers to adopt a fresh approach, balancing cost efficiency with the need for flexible production and timely delivery.

ZenSmart is a cloud or local install platform solution specifically designed to win in the fast evolving digital print market and give you long run manufacturing efficiency all the way down to the smallest of batches.

The platform was specifically created to deliver peak efficiency for the requirements of the most challenging print-on-demand markets down to unit-of -one manufacture.  

Importantly it’s your platform, run by your business rules, designed to reflect how you uniquely operate your business.

ZenSmart Digital Print is a platform solution with a series of custom workflows and integrations specifically tailored for the diverse needs of Digital Printers with their wide range of press types and finishing equipment.

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zensmart is showing A worker in a factory operates a printing machine that is rapidly producing colorful digital prints. The image is slightly blurred due to the machine's speed, emphasizing the motion and industrial environment. with print workflow automation

Integrate with new order sources and get more business

ZenSmart is a completely open platform with a large number of existing integrations to many different order sources.  Open up your business to more volume by using ZenSmart integration to accept orders from order sources, including Taopix, OrderDesk and Web2Print as well as major e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, and Amazon. For proprietary order sources or MIS systems, ZenSmart’s comprehensive PushAPI offers quick and easy integration. Collectively it means you can take in new orders but combine them into your existing workflow.

A Tailored Solution for Digital Print Efficiency

ZenSmart Digital Print is meticulously crafted to optimize efficiency in commercial digital print production, leveraging decades of industry expertise.  Driven by your business rules it allows different orders for like products to be queued and batched together to enable bigger batch techniques to be brought to smaller jobs.  The goal is to keep these like jobs batched together as far down finishing workflow as possible before diverging into their own workflows.

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zensmart is showing A man in a blue striped work shirt operates a packaging machine in a factory. He is adjusting the controls while digital print material runs through the machine in the background. The setting is industrial with modern equipment. with print workflow automation

Flexible, Just-in-Time Manufacturing

Business rules are created and managed by you using the drag-and-drop Flow Designer. ZenSmart’s integrated just-in-time imposition solution allows for any number of press-finishing workflow combinations, enabling last-minute adjustments. With a rich library of imposition templates for brands like HP Indigo, Ricoh, Canon, Noritsu, Konica, Epson, and more, queue and batch your work seamlessly, varying by time and day, all transparent to the press room.  Critically, those workflows cover Toner, Electroink, Inkjet, Wide Format, UV, Dye Sub and even laser engraving devices. 

Track and Control Every Order

Managing large product ranges and numerous workflows is simplified with ZenSmart. Deep device integration and easy-to-implement scan stations convert old equipment into smart devices, tracking every component of every order through every production stage. Achieve total visibility and control, regardless of production volume.

zensmart is showing A person in a blue sleeve is holding a stack of printed papers bound together by a yellow rubber band in a printing facility. The background shows blurred machinery and more stacks of direct mail materials. with print workflow automation
zensmart is showing A man with glasses and a beard stands in an industrial setting, using a handheld device to interact with the display on a large machine. He is focused on the screens, which show various graphs and data visuals, as digital banners and signage flicker in the background. with print workflow automation

Analyze what is really going on and Optimize

When there are many workflows and lots of equipment keeping on top of what work is really being done and where each job is at the in plant is a challenge.  ZenSmart implements advanced tracking of components, recording who did the work, what they worked on, where it was done, and when they did it. This comprehensive data provides deep insights, enabling you to identify and enhance performance areas.  If there is a problem, from a machine outage to a batch issue, recovery is straightforward because you have precise knowledge of where every component of every job is in the plant.

Precisely Control Performance to SLA

A central concept of ZenSmart is the auto creation of due dates based on job parameters.  These due dates are carried through to job sheets with due date color logic and other finishing instructions.  ZenSmart monitors items not meeting the required production flow speed, alerting you through WIP manager for precise performance control and keeping you on top of optimizing the flow rate of work in your plant.

zensmart is showing A man operates a large industrial paper-cutting machine in a workspace. He is wearing a blue shirt and beige pants, pressing buttons on the machine’s screen. Stacks of paper and photo prints are placed next to the machine on a table. The area has various notices posted. with print workflow automation
zensmart is showing A woman with long hair tied in a ponytail is standing in an industrial setting, working on a laptop placed on a table covered with papers and packages. She wears a black shirt and appears focused on her task. The background shows an organized warehouse stocked with materials like silver halide photo prints. with print workflow automation

Identify Stars and Problem Areas

With extensive data capture, ZenSmart provides deep insights into product performance, labor efficiency, fail rates, and yield. This information helps identify where significant profit performance gains can be achieved. From throughput variances to turnaround time, every event in the ZenSmart system is monitored, recorded and reportable.

Achieve Least Cost Shipping

Shipping is a major cost driver in digital print production. ZenSmart’s integrated Dispatch Designer solution applies least cost logic to your orders through freight table lookups or dynamically bid reverse auctions. ZenSmart will even calculate optimal packaging instructions, generate all labels, customs documentation and even manage drop shipping for you.

zensmart is showing A woman wearing a dark polo shirt and gloves smiles while standing next to a conveyor belt in a warehouse. Digital print cardboard boxes move along the belt, with industrial shelving and equipment in the background. with print workflow automation

ZenSmart: Elevate Your Digital Print Operations

ZenSmart isn’t just about automation; it’s a game-changing tool designed to give you the edge in an environment where materials and labor costs are on the rise.

ZenSmart for Digital Print offers significant cost reduction, allowing you to lower your production expenses even as batches get smaller. It provides an impressive efficiency boost, with potential improvements of up to 30%.

Whether you’re running a small shop or a large-scale operation, ZenSmart’s scalable flexibility adapts to your needs seamlessly.

Start Your Journey Today and begin transforming your digital print operations with a complimentary 60-day trial of ZenSmart, and experience unparalleled efficiency and control.

Introducing the ZenSmart platform

Order Processing, Queueing and Batching

Effortlessly streamline your order management

With direct integrations to Amazon, Etsy, Taopix, Printbox and more, coupled with intelligent queueing and batching technology, ZenSmart makes it easy to standardize order metadata, organize workflow and optimize your order volume, regardless of the source.

Impose and release to print

Simplify your printing process with visual precision

ZenSmart Imposition offers a seamless standardization of input files, coupled with an intuitive visual designer interface utilising drag-and-drop functionality – all whilst maintaining efficient press release management, ensuring no job is overlooked.

Multi-block finishing

Tailored finishing workflows for complete operational transparency

Craft precise product flows aligned with your specific business demands and equipment – ensuring thorough tracking through every workflow stage, even for complex setups with multiple blocks and diverse requirements.

Combine and Dispatch

Integrated shipping solutions for singles and multis

Effortless shipping integration for all transactions regardless of unit count and product mix. From single packages to complex multi-department orders, ZenSmart streamlines your logistics management, saving you time and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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