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The label market is leading the charge in digital personalisation capability. ZenSmart can support the innovative label company in servicing ever more diverse gifting and spot promotional business opportunities through its automated integration of order submission, workflow design, production, QA management, ship optimisation and analytics.

ZenSmart enables a seemingly fragmented order stream to be merged effortlessly into a cohesive, highly scalable production capability giving you access to new markets and new business opportunities.

With its customer centric design - orders are attached to the customer giving you the ability to observe factory performance at the individual customer, product code, product group and brand level.

Individual orders can be queued with potential partners and batched to find least cost arrangements within manufacturing SLA’s service. The end result is higher levels of manufacturing efficiency, better machine utilisation and simplified finishing with less media changes.

Take your business to the next level by combining your streamlined workflow management with the detailed analytics and business intelligence provided through ZenSmart Performance Centre and achieve clear insight into what is driving your business.


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ZenSmart is ready to go now. A smart and flexible automation solution ready to connect the components of your business in new and innovative ways.

From order to final shipping, ZenSmart will transform how your business performs.

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