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Pictureworks is a veteran of the factory automation industry. Founded in 2006 it successfully grew its retail photo brand albumworks into one of Australia's leading photobook and photo product companies. In parallel Pictureworks also developed a flourishing business providing white label photo manufacturing, service and marketing support services to some of Australia's best known retail brands.

It was this requirement that drove the evolution of the Zen platform. The ability to deal with a multi SLA, diverse product range, multi brand environment was a key success factor for the white-label service offering.

This in turn lead to significant development in the IT team and the decision to launch ZenSmart as an automation platform and service solution.

Read more about how Zen supports Photobook Worldwide in driving the ongoing success of one of Asia's most successful photo personalisation businesses.


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ZenSmart is ready to go now. A smart and flexible automation solution ready to connect the components of your business in new and innovative ways.

From order to final shipping, ZenSmart will transform how your business performs.

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